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The physical education department encourages students to take charge of their fitness and physical well being. Exercise can help students to develop good habits at an early age. Also, the school desires to help students to grow and improve physically, socially and mentally. Students utilize the athletic facility for organized exercise, stamina, and fitness testing. Physical Education is concerned with the teaching of skills, attitudes and theories in physical activity. The purpose of the physical education department at Universal School is to provide students with the opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of physical and health activities which help meet their individual needs. All students are required to earn at least two credit hours of Physical Education/Health prior to graduation.

Ali Abuhlaleh, Physical Education Department Chair
Mr. Abuhlaleh joined Universal School in 2005. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from the University of Jordan and a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from IUPUI. Mr. Abuhlaleh has many years of experience as a P.E. teacher and as a head coach for Jordan Wrestling National Team. Mr. Abuhlaleh is also the Athletic Director at Universal School.

Mustafa Musleh
Mr. Musleh joind Universal School in 2016

Dalia Mustafa
Ms. Mustafa earned her Associates in Science Degree from Moraine Valley Community College and she is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in exercise from University of Illinois at Chicago. Ms. Mustafa served as the soccer coach for our Middle School team prior to her current position.


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